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What is

3outof5 is a social movement that aims to take advantage of the situation created by the health crisis of COVID-19, in which 3.5 billion people around the world have been forced to work in the Home Office modality, to achieve a triple objective: a) Keep gas emissions into the atmosphere at a low and decreasing amount by eliminating unnecessary commuting trips. B) Help companies to be more social and environmentally conscious and to promote smart working instead of hours of presence. C) Promote a new culture of work, a new deal with knowledge workers, that allows greater quotas of autonomy, competence, and social commitment (purpose).

Who can join

Everybody is welcome to join , as an individual or as a Company, as far as you agree with our values and mission by signing the manifesto


What are the advantages of joining 3outof5 on a personal basis?

The people registered in 3outof5, who have signed the manifesto and responded to the survey, have the following advantages: 1.- Belonging to a community of individuals and companies that care about the environment, quality at work and sustainability in business. 2.- 3outof5 publishes a monthly newsletter with information of interest on these topics. 3.- You can use the 3outof5 seal, in any of the available modalities, for your communications and / or creative initiatives. 4.- We are open to any type of suggestion to collaborate with us. Our plan is to expand the offer of services throughout the next months.

What are the advantages of joining 3outof5 as a company?

For companies, we have a service that consists of the following elements. 1.- A diagnostic survey on how employees perceive the home office experience they have had, this survey is free and can be customized. To access the survey click here. 2.- The possibility of signing the manifesto and using the seal, in internal and external communication events. 3.- A monthly follow-up survey to measure the degree of success and employee satisfaction in the implementation of the Remote Working policies

How can I unsubscribe once signed up?

The cancellation procedure consists of completing a form requesting the name of the company be removed from the web and an explicit manifestation that the company will stop using the 3outof5 seal in its communications.

How can I collaborate with 3outof5?

3outof5 is a very new organization, a social start-up, and we are in the process of designing and developing products and services. Thus any idea is welcome. Contact us through the email and we will gladly attend to your ideas and proposals

Is there a formal certification process to join

No, if you want to join either personally or as a company, you just have to sign the manifesto and we accept your commitment to our mission and values.

Is there a formal audit process to validate the commitment to

Our community is based on mutual trust and respect for people and the planet, so we do NOT have an audit process. However, by signing the manifesto, if you are a company, you agree that we can make consultations with your employees, contacted via LinkedIn, to validate that you are fulfilling the mission and values of

We may also receive complaints when a member of the community is not fulfilling the commitments and we would act accordingly.

What does joining 3outof5 mean?

Joining 3outof5 means signing the manifesto, individual or company, and committing to disclose and practice the values detailed in the manifesto