We want Remote and Flexible Work to
become a standard and permanent organizational practice

Individuals, Businesses and Organizations (NGOs, Governments, City Halls, etc.)  can join us:

As a company

How it Works

3outof5 helps you to become an environmental conscious company or organization while improving
the life of your employees and the efficiency of your business:

1. “Happy working remotely?” © Survey

Find out what your employees want about working remotely. It is FREE
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2. Commit to the manifesto and download the seal

You commit and compromise that your company will embrace the 3outof5 values and behaviors within 6 months.

And you will have access to download any of the seals to be used in your internal and external communications

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3. Start using our Smart Performance Indicator. SMI

We have developed a methodology to help you in improving the efficiency of Remote Working in your company.  You can use it for free for the first three months.

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As an Individual

How it Works

3outof5 wants to help you to become a better professional and improve your wellbeing

Values and goals
we want to achieve with the
3outof5 lifestyle

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2. Get the Logo | Get in the community

You will have access to the logo so you can print it in your shirt, mugs, make creative new ideas with it, make a painting, a sculpture…